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Sciencestudy.fun is a Science blogging website, through Which we try to Cover all the Difficult topics and syllabus of Science for the Weak Students while Studying in School and College, We try to Cover any Science topics in Such as Very simple Easy and good Language. It is Written that the Children Who are bored with Notebooks and Guesspapers Can read this blog and practice very easily their Annual Syllabus and Pass in their Exams with Very good marks. To make their Future Very Bright and Better life, The Purpose of this Website is to help the children. To increase the knowledge, Because in today’s world, Children’s attention is more on Mobile computers and Internet Blogs, Thus i feeling a lot of Happiness in Working, on this blogging website We Cover all the Subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology etc.

Yours sincerely
Ashutosh Kumar

My Name is Ashutosh Kumar and I am a Web Developer. I Have Developed My Own Website. I have do love to Write Blog Posts on WordPress and SEO Tending Niches. For this Work i Have Saw Many types of Youtube Videos and Do So Much Practice to Become a Sucessfull Web Developer . I did Started in January 2024 Named Sciencestudy.fun Which was Successful Startup and in the First Year of the Business Setup.

Now I do Everything With My Own Practice and Experience Which I really like and I am Skilled in as follows :-

WordPress Development (Web Development)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Affiliate Marketing

The Founder

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